For silky smooth legs all year round regular waxing is a far superior option to shaving. 

Specialising in Brazilian and Hollywood waxing, we use hot film depilatory wax.  Ideal on short Stubborn hairs and areas of sensitivity.  We can confidently remove all unwanted hair with minimal discomfort and exposure. Supplying you with disposable underwear for client comfort and discrection. We have often been commended on our expertise of our intimate waxing ensuring client modesty at all times.



1/2 Leg

Ankle to knee 



1/2 Leg Tops

Knee up to bikini line



3/4 Leg

Ankle to mid thigh or from ankle to knee and all of back of legs



Full Leg

Ankle to up to bikini line






Bikini Line

1/2 inch into bikini line



Thong Line

Up to thong line




Leaving a small vertical strip of hair (Hot Wax)




Total removal of hair from front to back (Hot Wax)





Bum cheeks! Peach Fuzz!



Under Arm

A surcharge of £2.00 will be added for Hot Wax.




Wrist to elbow



Full Arm (female)

Hand, wrist to mid upper arm



Full Arm (male)

 Hand, wrist to mid upper arm



Lip or Chin      £9

Lip and Chin   £13 

Sides of Face £14

Neck £8

Full face £25

























Including shoulders and tops of arms








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