Dr Murad Firm and Tone Body Treatment

Dr Murad Firm and Tone Body Treatment

•    Do you suffer with crepe looking skin over your chest?
•    Do you have bingo wings?
•    Do you wish your thighs looked smoother?
•    Would you like a relaxing treatment to help you improve those unsightly problem areas?

Then let us introduce you to Dr Murad’s range of body care treatments and supplements.

If you can imagine, your cellulite is like a layer of pebbles.  If you sit a layer of tissue on the pebbles it takes on an uneven look just like pebbles beneath.  However, if you place a piece of card over the same layer of pebbles it does not look uneven it looks smooth.
The same principle applies to your body.  If we can strengthen the top layer of skin it will stand smoothly over the cellulite not sink over it.  

The appearance is a firmer, smoother, toned skin.
Our Firm and Tone body treatment is a must for anyone wanting to improve the texture and tone of the skin.

This comprehensive approach targets your body's "texture" trouble sports.  While a series of treatments is recommended for maximum results, after just the first treatment you'll see a significant improvement in the overall appearance of your skin as the visible signs of loose, uneven skin diminish and firmness and elasticity are restored.  

This treatment features exfoliation, massage to improve local circulation and an infusion of pure Vitamin C to help restore elasticity and tone while rebuilding damaged skin.

Exfoliating, Toning, Body Firming and Hydrating Treatment

2 Areas (thighs and buttocks / tummy and arms)    60 mins     £70.00
2 Areas (thighs and buttocks / tummy and arms) course of 6    60 mins each    £300.00



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